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8 Door Clear Acrylic Cleatech Desiccator from Cleatech

1500 Series Cleatech Acrylic Desiccator

Cleatech manufactures complete line of Acrylic and ESD Safe PVC, ESD Safe Acrylic desiccator, dry cabinets and Nitrogen purge cabinets in all sizes and configurations.

1500 Series Nitrogen purge desiccator cabinets with a heavy duty construction, airtight revolutionary door designs with one-piece gaskets, stainless steel door frame, full removable plenum chambers for uniform gas distribution and particle control is a perfect choice for your cleanroom and Laboratory storage needs.

Economical clear acrylic is ideal for general purpose processing. Amber is a ideal for UV protection, Transparent Static-Dissipative PVC eliminates static charges keeping the dry box clean and it does not attract particles from the air. Clear Non-dissipative PVC is a good choice for operations with many corrosive chemicals.

For more info, please call: 714-386-3268

Best Cleanroom Chairs (Class 100 & 1000)

Cleanroom Chairs

These durable, ergonomic chairs from BioFit are designed specifically for cleanroom and laboratory seating. approved for Classes 100 through 1000 clean rooms. Choose RTT Series Biofit stools for top performance in a wide variety of environments including: industry, education, laboratory, static control and healthcare. Each stool within this series features a different base to meet various environmental and budget demands. Round upholstered seats and trapezoid lumbar support backrests are standard –

For more info, please call: 714-386-3268

One of the BEST desiccators ever built – Cleatech Steel Desiccator 1600

Cleatech Desiccator, Single Door, 304 Stainless Steel Desiccator - 1600

Cleatech’s S-1600 Stainless steel desiccators (dry boxes) are durable, low humidity storage cabinets which designed for maximum weight capacity and long term durability. Each Stainless Steel desiccator is a Non-vacuum dry cabinet can be equipped with optional inlet and outlet ports that allow gas to be purged through the storage area. for automated Nitrogen purging and humidity control you can use Cleatech’s Automatic purge control unit. Custom sizes and features are available as required.

For more info, please call: 714-386-3268

Best Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods – Cleatech Benchtop

Cleatech Benchtop Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods - 6 Feet

Cleatech Benchtop Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods – 6 Feet

Clean Bench Class 100 Bench-top Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods with air recirculation plenum. By using a high quality 99.99% efficient HEPA Filter, they remove airborne particulate contamination to meet cleanliness requirements in a laboratory/cleanroom. Back Plenum provides air recirculation and reduces the percentage of air pollution passed through the filter, thus extending the overall filter life. (Also available with a highly efficient ULPA filter).

The Best Exhaust Fume Hoods for Labs


Protect your lab by using a better exhaust fume hood (Ductless or Ducted) – Activated charcoal filters allow safe indoor release of exhaust while HEPA / ULPA filters provide clean and particle-free environment. Get a free consultation! – 1-(714) 386-3268 – Find out more! >

Global Lab Supply – The Best Site for Cleanroom & Lab Tech


Global Lab Supply offers a complete range of lab equipment, furnishings and supplies for High-Tech Industries including Medical and healthcare, Microelectronic, Semiconductor, Food manufacturing, Aerospace/Defense, Animal/Veterinary Sciences, Chemicals, Medical Devices, Universities and R&D Laboratories. We are built on a tradition of innovation, performance, efficiency and durability. Our laboratory products incorporate smart technology that’s clean, safe AND affordable. Knowing how important it can be to have a proper laboratory, we strive to ensure highest quality and utmost completeness. Our dedicated staff can assist you directly in choosing the right equipment that fits AND works well with your lab stations and clean rooms.

INTRODUCING NEW Vacuum Chambers!

Type-I Vacuum Chamber with Removable Lid

Type-I Vacuum Chamber with Removable Lid

INTRODUCING NEW Vacuum Chambers! –

– Made of clear 1 inch. thick acrylic material
– Removable cover (Type-I) makes it easy to insert and take out samples
– Front hinged door (Type-II) for easier access to the samples in all shelves
– Vacuum gasket on door ensures airtight seal
– Supports vacuum level of 29.8″ Hg and more (> 756 milimeter of Mercury)
– Include one removable perforated Acrylic shelf. Additional shelf is optional
– Two vacuum valves mounted to top allow purging of the desiccator with nitrogen before vacuum is applied, 3/8″ ID barbed fittings included
– Stainless steel latches for complete corrosion resistance
– Optional 0 to 30 in.Hg vacuum gauge indicates vacuum level. Dual-Scale 2% MID-Scale Accuracy Steel, 2″ Dial